Tidbits from an untidy mind

My dearest bloggettes kabuki has no reason for not chatting you up, I have simply been a lazy swine.  I feel partially ashamed, and partially wicked for such behaviour.  What are we going to do with kabuki?  Who can say?  So let us not mention it again.  Good.  News items of interest.
Season 3 of THE LXD will start on August 11th on the web, you can find it on HULU.  I am simply bonkers about it.
Comedian Ian Bagg is a funny man, and kabuki wants to boost his twitter followers.  He is from Canada, and is quite tall.  Isn't that hysterical?  Say no more.
Many people ask kabuki 'how are you holding up under the desert heat?'  kabuki replies 'I have the good sense to stay inside next to the air conditioner whenever the temperature exceeds 105 or so.  It was not difficult to make this decision.'  Kabuki ventures out at night,  Supposedly it is cool quite early in the morning, kabuki cannot say. 
Kabuki has thrown out the old back.  Not quite sure how or why.  Occasionally I will uncross my legs and scream.  Loudly.  Kabuki will have to find a different WalMart to frequent.  My neighbors may not be getting a full night's sleep, but if a few screams upset them they should have never let me into this cute little village.  Can you call a gathering of mobile homes a village?  Kabuki can.
Apparently my request for a free sports car has been denied.  I can only think that people were so overcome with compassion that they were unable to respond, and assumed others stepped up and did the right thing.  NO.  And the local paper is just chock-a-block full of tasty, sporty toys.  Later, when it is too late, you will regret such a callous and short-sighted decision.  Kabuki is not saying bad karma will follow - but let us look at the US economy since kabuki left the Nation's Capital.  No sooner than kabuki vacates the halls of power when it all goes into the crapper.  Kabuki humbly apologises to your 401K plan.  My bad.  Of course it could all be a coincidence.  Keep right on believing that.  It is amazing what people can be led to believe. 
Kabuki wanted a cute nickname, like Eddie Fingers or Mr. Eleven.  But then kabuki remembered that Kabuki Zero was not such a bad monniker afterall.  Not like kabuki is gonna answer the wrong page at the country club.  'Kabuki Zero - white courtesy phone please'.  And even if I did, what hilarity would ensue.  Like a funny Benny Hill short.  When he was alive.  Nothing funny about Mr Hill currently, seeing as how he is dead.  Did he send kabuki a sports car? NO,  Is he alive?  NO.  Another coincidence?  To be sure.
Kabuki shall be going to visit Felix of Felix goes to Hollywood fame quite soon.  Kabuki hopes to take his hollywood tour.  It has been getting rave reviews after all.  Kabuki must remember to smile when signing autographs, for this is how dreams are born.  Imagine the joy a little girl or boy would feel having their very own kabuki zero autograph.  And the story, repeated ad nausuem to all their little friends 'Yes, a real star.  Beautiful, and so very nice.  Kabuki was so generous with his time, it was almost like he didn't have to dash off and get into his sports car.'  This is what makes America great.  The dreams of little boys and girls.  Many european children don't have any dreams at all.  They were stolen by the Nazis.  This is widely known.  If Hiltler was alive today kabuki would seek him out, and stomp him to death.  Of course he would be quite old, so it wouldn't be all that difficult.  But even if it was, kabuki would simply rise to the occasion.  Hitler never had a sports car.  Just saying.
My kitchen remod is coming along nicely.  I may have it completed by the end of the year.  Kabuki had to slow down (financially speaking), and this has allowed kabuki to contemplate different layouts and such.  Who knew?  Kabuki has always been a leap-first kinda guy.  Has old-age wizened up our beloved kabuki?  Not so much, it was more of a fluke.  I still remain the kabuki of legend.  And if you should be in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by.  Kabuki will pour you a glass of iced tea, give you a cookie, and then we can talk trash about the neighbors.  After all, they live in a bunch of trailers!  HAHAHAHA