Please excuse my absence, kabuki has been quite busy putting my house together.  From hanging attractive draperies to installing cooktops kabuki has done, seen it, and probably taken a power tool to it.  kabuki feel betters (still not cured), kabuki is losing weight, sleeping some, eating less, and taking in the restortive waters of the hot mineral spa.  kabuki says taking in, but kabuki accidentally swallowed some water yesterday, and the taste did not really strike kabuki as restorative.   It is quite rare that kabuki wanders off when happy, and kabuki assures you that kabuki is most ashamed.  Deserting one and all when MJ is having a shoe moment.  And the fact that ALL of my fun shoes (INCLUDING MY SILVER SNAKESKIN CHA-CHAS)  were left behind had nothing to do with my not entering.
And now for something completely different.  Having dressed and all, kabuki decided to venture into the Palm Springs night.  You see my outfit selection above.  At some point during my seven year sabbatical kabuki has turned into an old troll.  The over-dressed darling of our nations' captial looks like he should be growling under a bridge.  Why me? Why now?  Talk about god-smacked.  Can someone please recommend a god plastic surgeon, and can kabuki borrow 50 grand?  Surrounded by skinny tan rich people, and kabuki looks like a curmudgeon float for the macys day parade.  Doesn't kabuki get credit for all those years in sweat pants on percocets?  kabuki would really like to have half a chance at happiness, and kabuki is pretty sure doing 'Shrek' impressions at childrens parties will not cut it.   Since kabuki will be having a birthday very soon (shop early, shop often), maybe a sublte hint would help you to make a thoughtful selection.  (LIPOSUCTION)  Anyway, don't be mad at kabuki.  I is so sorry for my little self-indulgent mental vacation.  Punish kabuki with your kindness, thats a lesson not soon forgot.  adieu  ps. Is someone missing a chin?  cuz kabuki found it!