Silence is wrong

Today kabuki would like to share a tale told to him by his neck doctor.  With this years' International Tango Competition drawing near kabuki felt it was time to repair his trick neck.  (While not formally entered, it is widely understood that kabuki may be called into service at a moments notice.)  Anywho kabuki was at his fancy-schmancy rheumotologist today.  Upon entering the building kabuki noticed it was dedicated to his doctor "Oh boy, this is gonna be expensive" kabuki thought.  kabuki also thought it was kinda gauche to have an office building dedicated to yourself.  just sayin.    So here we are, doctor and patient, con-fabbing, whenst kabuki notices the sparkley diamond ring the doctor is wearing.  It is quite similar to the ring kabuki sold several months ago.  It is an old unusual style.  Kabuki mentions this and the doctor says there is a story that is connected to the ring.  Here is that story:

A man, his wife and their two children were rounded up in germany by the Nazis and taken to the train station.  They would be going to Auschwitz.  Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of concentration and extermination camps built and operated by the Third Reich in Polish areas annexed by the Nazis.  The man turned back at the train station, and was shot dead on the spot.  The woman and two children were put on the train.  They were met by Dr. Josef Mengele.  Mengele was also known as the Angel of Death.  The boy aged 11 was sent to the gas chamber, the woman told the girl to give her age as 15, so she might be sent to a labor camp.  She was actually 13.  When Dr Mengele questioned the girl he discovered her true age. It seemed that Dr. Mengele had a way with children.  (I find this fact to be horrific) The girl was also sent to the gas chamber.  The woman became one of Dr Mengeles' house maids.  She served until liberated by the Allies.  When freed she weighed 55 pounds.  She fled to brazil, eventually migrating to America.  She had no family, and was eventually welcomed into the doctors' family as a long lost aunt.  She contracted a virulent form of cancer in her twilight years, and asked the doctor to please allow her to live out her life without pain.  The doctor assured me that this was indeed the case, as she surely deserved no less.  Upon her deathbed she gave away her few possesions.  Having lost everything so long ago she had never really accumulated belongings ever again.  Her house was given to a kind neighbor, her car to the gardner, and her husbands wedding ring was given to the doctor.  35 years later he wears it to remind himself that he really never has a bad day. 

If you remain silent when they come for me, there may be no one to cry out when they come for you.

                    kabuki zero