my heartfelt thanks

i would like to express my gratitude to one and all.  I am so very blessed to have found so much love and understanding here in the blog verse.  Everyone please have some ice cream, on kabuki.


There is a hole at the bottom of the ocean

There is a hole at the bottom of the ocean.  At the bottom of the hole - that is where grief lives.  Elmo my long haired chihuahua, constant companion of 16 years, lays dying beside me.  I am powerless to do anything about it.  He is the only being on the planet to spend that much time with me.  Even my parents didn't keep me around for 16 years.  Elmo never had a bad day, or at least never shared it with me.  I tried to prepare myself but could not.  His unconditional love spans both time and space.   I sit beside him, giving him cool water with a straw and I want to just run away and cry. forever.   My weakness sickens me. When I was first taken ill, so many years ago, elmo would stay in bed with me all day.  I would not have done the same for him.  I can barely stay in the house.   I played 'funeral for a friend' and went hysterical.  I am sure I would not be alive if not for him.  He gave my life both structure and purpose.  I am a better man for having known him.  There will never be another.  And I will never be the same.  kabuki is broken, and the world is a cold lonely place.  again.

At 9pm california time, Elmo died in my arms.  Rest in Peace my beloved friend.


Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, sasquatch?

I don't care for the french.  I can't help it.  Frog biting snail eaters.  Crunchy crusty bread. Entrails and innards.  They will stick the most disgusting things in their mouths.   Kabuki cannot count the number of times someone has tried to put something disgusting in kabuki's mouth.  Kabuki bets they were french (You know who you are!)  Some peoples children.  Really.  Francophile - sounds like something that comes in a can. Felix is a bit french ya'know.  Boat neck t-shirts and berets.  EEEKK!  Kabuki is mortified.  Of course kabuki would never let Felix know that.  Kabuki was not surprised to learn that the Yeti, or abdomenible Snowman, was in fact french.  And what is so abdomenible about a big hulking beast, anyways.  Speaking of beasts, Kabuki is not going to imply that  GĂ©rard Depardieu is in fact a Yeti.  However - have you seen a photo of Mr. Depardieu with a Yeti?  Neither has kabuki.  He does have an awful abdomen.  just sayin.  Oh kabuki could go on for hours about those souffle eating bastards, but kabuki is really more of a lover than a fighter.  So we shall put aside our bad feelings for the frenchies, and follow our moral compass onward towards glory.  As long as kabuki does not have to step in foot in Italy - OH MY GOD!  The Italians.  Anyways - kabuki is proud to be of german & irish heritage, and is doubly proud to pretend to be an asian princess.  And as a true californian transplant kabuki will soon take time  to speak awful things about the Mexicans - who very well may be ruining it for everyone.

Once upon a time

I do believe in fairy tales


Oh what have I done now?

If Sid & Marty Krofft did doublewides, I'd like to think this was some of their handiwork.
Has anyone seen kabuki's disco biscuits?  Asking for a friend.

Golden mirrored palace of versailles master bedroom - why yes, we have one.There is just the tiniest little piece of kabuki that screams "Don't change a thing!"  kabuki fed that part of himself frozen margaritas until it shut up.  Another successful real estate decision.  Am kabuki world-famous genius or what?
Mirror mirror on the wall - who is the prettiest ballerina in the world?  damn right its kabuki!!!

Talking star love in the night

Having the financial wisdom of an eight year old girl, and the intelligence of a small frog - kabuki has indeed bought the 1970s disco love palace referenced in last weeks blog.  Had to had to had to.  Kick myself later, but it answered so many unanswered questions.  It is Unit 33 - my favorite number.  It has a view of the mountains from the master bedroom - kabuki wanted to see some mountains.  Abuts the duck pond - kabuki wanted to overlook a pond.  Gold veined mirrored dining room wall - well that is just gravy.  Speaking to a lady friend of mine, as we both sat in the bubbling spa of wonderfullness, kabuki remarked that unit 33 cried out for a mirror ball.  'Oh really, I have one in the trunk of my car' kabukis' friend intoned.  'WHAT!! Give that to kabuki immediately' kabuki pleaded.  "I was taking it to the thrift store' kabukis' lady friend responded, 'it is all yours'.  joy.  Shortly after arriving at my important decision (kabuki really dislikes moving) kabuki noticed that the landscapers planted several trees just at the edge of what will be my new front yard.  They are mimosa trees, and they were a favorite of my dear departed mother.  A sign from above?  kabuki is quite perplexed.  Is the universe giving kabuki signs both left and right?  Signs that this is a brilliantly timed real estate acquisition, undoubtedly leading kabuki to eternal bliss.  Or is the netherworld executing a multi-layered extremely detailed plan leading to kabukis' utter destruction and madness?   Let us find out together.  kabuki is committed to ride this train all the way to the end.  Life can be so exciting when you fling yourself wildly about, looking somewhat like a goldfish on a hot sidewalk.  Wagons ho say kabuki, so feel free to add words of encouragement and support.

                                                    heres the view - kitty - no?