Matters of Pertinance

Food. let's discuss. me first. pudding is disgusting. kabuki had a roommate that made pudding constantly. icky bowls of gelatinous sludge adorned kabuki's fridge. he (who shall remain nameless) would wait until the pudding skinned over before consuming. he (the nameless one) would treat the congealed outer surface like a 'pudding rollup'. kabuki felt it was a pudding scab. strangely enough, kabuki adores the occasional custard. and there you are.
Halloween. again, me first. many of you are consumed with angst, what is driving these tremors and facial tics you ask? you await this year's halloween chic. all things aquatic my lovelies. flounder, sea horse, anenome, let your mind wander. on the planet green network (a completely gay nat geo clone) they have been showing the sea shows on constant rotation. their programming manager Suzie B. has even been showing glimpses of next season at her beach house. Yes people, Suzie shows sea shows at the sea shore. (stop me!) kabuki has selected her costume after watching one of the above mentioned water programs. there exists a species of octopus which navigates through the briny deep by waving its flippers, which are located where its ears should be (if octopi had ears). it is even featured on a commercial. it is creepy and beautiful at the same time. (haunting) perfect for kabuki's megastar profile. kabuki even figured out the mechanics of the working ear flaps for the costume. anybody disturbed yet?

Entertainment. me again. everybody with ears (brilliant segue-way bukes!) should give a listen to The Lisp's monthly playlists. both january and june 2010 made me yearn for an additional sensory organ, and kabuki does not say that everyday, believe you me.  another show on planet green network 'the beekman boys' was briefly viewed by myself. can anyone guess which beekman boy kabuki would drown in their very own farmhouse sink? ick ick ick

Lifestyle. kabuki firmly believes everyone should have one. if you are lacking either life or style - please get with the program. you are ruining it for everyone. kabuki gives loving criticism only when awake, so some poor souls miss out. that is why from time to time kabuki will give general guidelines for living (tips for happiness) here in this blog. because you get what you pay for. sometimes. and that is just the best anybody could hope for. that, and falling down donald trump's stairs. cause that bitch would be carrying kabuki's handbag. until kabuki fired him. kissey bye byes - kabuki zero


Mrs Lunch Lady, my entree threw-up on my potato.

The mega-star known as kabuki is visiting friends in maryland and kabuki has taken over the laptop while the ladies prepare lunch.  It harkens kabuki back to the days of kabuki's youth, when lunch lady had a completely different meaning entirely.  Oh the grey-haired hairnetted providers of nutrious and wholesoome fare.  Or not.  My high school cafteria has a machine similar to wendy's frosty machine.  That place made a fortune of those little frozen chocolate num-nums.  I still want a frosty machine in my bedroom, although it is probably too hot in there for it to work properly.  POW! Theres' one for you.  As you can tell from the attached photo - kabuki is waving from the buduoir.  What a lovely collection of stuff, as you can see, kabuki is still arranging the various and assorted items that make up bedroom madness.  Those of you with sparse yet elegant bedrooms can bite kabuki's lovely white ass.  And don't say hoarder, because it is simply untrue.  Most of the items I have are lovely gifts for you, and others like you who may show up at my door at any time.  See - thoughtful to a fault.  I give and give, because kabuki is a giver.  And now I must dash - dinner is hot off the grill,  just wanted a more upbeat blog.  Be well, and know that you are much loved.  kabuki byebye