A testament to kabuki

kabuki reached out to an old friend today.  Because above all else, kabuki is a giver.  This is so widely known that only dead Nazis remain ignorant of the fact. And who cares about a few thousand dead nazis.  Not kabuki for damn sure.  As you can see by the attached photo, kabuki is rallying the turtle horde to do kabuki's bidding.  Here you can clearly see the daily worship of kabuki in progress.  kabuki actually had to have someone else snap the photo, because my litle denizens will not let kabuki out of their sight.  And who can really blame them.  Among many things you already know about kabuki, you know kabuki is easy on the eyes.  That is the only easy part of kabuki.  Neither cheap or tawdry, as befits a goddess with a turtle horde army.  Just a quick aside : kabuki's beloved yamaha receiver is getting a bit wonky.  kabuki loves it dearly, it has great sound, lots of power, and the remote will give a headache to all but true afficianados.  If someone were to purchase a gift for kabuki - (not everyone is allowed to do so) it had damn well better be 1. porsche 2 yamaha receiver 3 diamonds.  kabuki is disgusted to remind one and all that the kabuki diamond jubilee is gonna be held with kabuki wearing moissanite. (kill me)  The shiny shinys have all gone (sob).  Who really cares, certainly not kabuki. (kabuki is blue)  There is currently a plan to overrun Tiffany's with commando trained killer turtles.  They are on their way.  Unfortunately aquatic turtles are not so speedy, and they have repeatedly wrecked the little hovercraft kabuki built for them, so they are hoofing it.  Any day now their cross country trek will be complete.  kabuki could have sent them local - but west coast diamonds?  what does kabuki look like - a hoochie coochie girl?  kabuki would use them in the garden - which no one has bothered to tend. (except kabuki)  You have been warned.  The turtle horde lives for kabuki.  And amaretto sours.  And french fries.  You try and teach a killer horde about the food groups, go ahead.  Your bones will litter the bottom of the duck pond.  Next time - dangerous ducks.