Nothing - just nothing - then it exploded?

'You Imbecile' kabuki spat, slicing the man from right shoulder to left hip with the most darling sword (Macys - who knew?).  'My dreams are not broken, my heart is' kabuki said to the two pieces of man now bleeding on the ground.  kabuki thought he looked remarkably like an undercooked ham, and not at all in a good way.

kabuki entered The Hall of Dreams, clutching a red silk bag tightly.  The Hall was filled with light from hidden windows, making the entire marble room seem alive.  It was a magnificent place, a sort of Italian Renaissance meets ZsaZsa Gabor.  Columns, fret work, just a little too much of everything.  One of those 'what god would do if he had the money' sort of structures, and kabuki felt right at home.  Of course kabuki had been here before, several times in fact, conducting all sort of business. 

In the back of the hall a single door beckons, kabuki strides ever forward, noticing just how loud kabukis' tap shoes are.  'Dammit, they look so good with this melon-colored silk kimono, noise be damned' kabuki thinks, and opens the door to find a frumpy little woman looking over her glasses at kabuki.  'Tap shoes, really' the woman says.  'Its called Fashion Brenda - look it up' kabuki snaps, noticing that the woman has on some rather ugly nurse clogs.  Good thing kabuki left the sword outside to in the car, or there might be some clogs meeting their maker today.  Miss Frump asks to see kabuki's bag, and kabuki hands it over.  'Broken dreams again dearie' she says, while opening kabuki's little bag.  'Oh, I see.  Well you know the way.'  Miss Frump points to a set of French doors that open to a small garden, set behind the great hall of dreams.  kabuki empties the bag into a little hole by a lovely Japanese Maple (kabuki's favorite tree), says a silent prayer to no one in particular then goes back inside.  A nod to Miss Frump and kabuki moves to enter the great hall. 'See you soon dearie' Miss Frump says a little too cheerfully.  'No, that was the last of them I'm afraid' kabuki says quietly.  'No need to be afraid' Miss Frump almost whispers, 'All my dreams are dead and buried as well' .


  1. Thank God you have returned from the desert and have perched back on your blog!

  2. Ugly nurse clogs.

    Go back to the car this instant and retrieve your sword.

  3. imagine, all your dreams are dead, but zsa zsa isn't.

    what a world.

  4. Better to survive broken dreams than to live in a nightmare--I imagine nurse clogs as a particular type of hellish nightmare.

    Didn't find anything this Black Friday to Cyber Monday worth the effort of elbowing out a stranger or pushing aside a human shaped obstacle to get at something shiny?

    Not to worry. Still many more shopping days til Xmas. And you can start practicing your martial arts move for the day after Xmas and day after New Year's sales.