The blues is the new black

kabuki visits the dark side

kabuki knows love does not exist, at least for kabuki. half my life wasted on chasing love, the other half wasted on waiting to be chased. kabuki would gladly trade 'love' for a nice ham sandwich. kabuki knows that heaven does not exist, at least for kabuki. kabuki's near death experiences brought no white light, no inner peace, no loved ones waving. it was just the end. like turning off a light. kabuki knows doing right because it is the right thing to do is bullshit. Over and over examples of people doing wrong and succeeding are proof enough (madoff, hitler, blood diamond merchants). karma is nonsense. kabuki does not believe people are basically good. there may have been a time when this was true - but not in kabuki's lifetime. kabuki does not believe that honesty is the best policy. there are so few honest people in kabuki's life experience. and as for the meek inheriting the earth - by the time the non-meek are done with it it won't be worth a damn. kabuki envisions a radio-active cinder. enjoy.


kabuki has apparently bitch-slapped kabuki's face for being such a downer.  Way to suck all the air out of a room buki - nice job. At this time kabuki would like a box of Godiva chocolates and a glass of champagne.  Or a glass of merlot and a pot-brownie.  And to humbly apologize for being such a weenie. Now lets all put on a fez, and party like its 1999.  I promise to be back soon,and happier then ever.  Even if it means kabuki has to cut a bitch (or two).  All in a day's work for a mega-star.  much lovies - kabuki zero      


  1. It was not an oversight by the academy did not aknowledge the Kabuki Bio-pic at the Emmys. That toughtful & difficult piece of art was disqualified because it 1st appeared on the Silver Screen & not on cable. A stupid little example of palying by the rules.

    The Post Apocalyptic Bohemian has some potent, yet yummy "special" cookies & a fully stocked bar. Can Kabuki come over & play?

  2. Miss J completely understands these feelings and doesn't think Kabuki is a downer. Perhaps just a realist, depending on the day. But she must point out that Hitler is dead, and Madoff is in jail (where with any luck he will die). AS for the blood diamond merchants, well, human cockroaches.

    Go ahead, cut a bitch. But please not Miss Janey. She hsa a hot date. or something.

  3. that blue brooch? move it to the other side. you'll be amazed at how much better things start going.

  4. Well I hope your satisfied, You've just ruined the holiday.

  5. You have tiles in your living room? I have a blue earclip that goes with the brooch.

  6. You had me at "a nice ham sandwich."