Anyone care for Desert?

Just a quick note to update the quivering masses.  On the extremely highway-like rt 40, currently stopped in Conway, AR.  Perhaps I'll meet some twitty-birds,you just never know.  Briefly - Tennessee - the good: Arby's urinal screens are emblazoned with Osama BinLadens' picture.  The bad :  kabuki saw the largest rebel flag ever, flying proudly over a business.  i am talking 12 feet wide, on a 100 foot pole.  kabuki was filled with disgust. Arkansas - the good: while driving next to fields of something kabuki was crop-dusted.  I watched the plane make a pass, bank left over the highway and head back.  kabuki pondered 'what are the chances it will pass directly over head?  And what would the odds be that said plane would open it's jets a teensy bit early?'  We know the answers, don't we fair readers?  kabuki + birds + wordly goods all crop dusted.  Had to roll the windows down to air out the cabin.  This is the life of a megastar, so don't be so quick with the jealousy.  Felix suggested it might be a CIA attempt to quiet kabuki's voice of reason.  But kabuki will not be silenced so easily.  kabuki has smelled worse at a Todd Rundgren concert.  Anyway on to the bad:  arkansas has the worst radio ever.
from christians telling me about my sinful friends (please try to be a little extra sinful.  just for kabuki) to NPR going on and on and on about what kabuki cannot even remember.  And a couple of country music stations thrown in for color. ick ick ick.  Moving on, as kabuki wondered down the road kabuki's extra keen senses noticed something amiss in a field next to rt 40.  Of course kabuki investigated.  kabuki has trained for just such an event.  Someone (or something) had taken all of the nearby cow patties and arranged them into pleasing geometric patterns.  kabuki was on to something, and is here to announce to the world.  KABUKI HAS DISCOVERED CRAP CIRCLES IN THE MIDWEST.  kabuki advises everyone to stay tuned, updates as they occur.  and now kabuki must rest, double locking the motel door just in case.  kisseys


  1. Crap circles are no cause for alarm.

    What you need to concern yourself with are crop circles in your chest hair.

  2. Before you spare too much love for the Arby's. I don't think the bathroom decor was out of Patriotism, enlightenment, the wish to move forward, or a display of mad appreciation for kitsch. No, like another rebel flag-ism, I believe they placed our fine President where they did for you 'to piss on him'.

  3. osama binladen is not the president. someone is obviously scanning instead of reading. nice to know you value my efforts. merci

  4. oh my.

    who knew there'd be a pop quiz. felix, you're always welcome to look at my paper. miss kabook's undies do get in a bunch, but i don't care.

  5. "North by Northwest"?
    This all sounds pretty strange. Avoid contact with the aborigines.