hello world - please shine a light on kabuki

with a 16 foot rented truck, towing the purple station wagon of delight, kabuki heads west.  with a song in my heart (and an ache in my back) we seek warmer pastures.  think only good thoughts, well-wishers that you are.  if that truck doesn't make it all the kabuki may just set up camp where ever we roll to a stop.  can you just feature kabuki hawking her wares on the side of rt 40, like a common polka-dot street whore.  speaking of polka dot whores, one left me a text message a short time ago.  you let the hired hands have a few castoffs and low and behold, a sense of righteous indignation springs forth.  if you see her, please remind the polka dot queen (of nowhere) to eat her lunch outside.  the living room drapes reek of soy sauce and cheap salmon.  kabuki is surprised the entire place is not overrun by cats.  rumor has it a certain polka dot lady has a cat only to take the blame for any bad smells that may be noticed in her sex room.  kabuki did not even know that latex can go 'off'.  this internet thing is quite educational, and not always in a bad way.    dear ones - think of me, driving home for the first time.  with the dog and max - the talking parrot.  kabuki dropped a box of something, kabuki said 'shit', and max chimed in 'you bitch!'.  kabuki does hope he was referring to the box. otherwise its gonna be a bumpy road for everyone.  bon chance kabuki, that's what the voices in my head are saying.  and kabuki is glad they are friendly.  tatas


  1. Oh honey, please do be careful, and please do not sell your wares along rt 40. At least not yet.

  2. I'm lighting a torch as we speak.
    I guess they call it Rt 40 for a reason.

  3. can you just picture kabuki hawking her wares on the side of rt 40, like a common polka-dot street whore.[?] (i added the question mark.)


    be careful, drive safely and don't pick up any trash you happen to come by. i know you, you're good hearted and that will get you in trouble. eyes straight ahead, mind your own business and ignore the whistles & hoots at the truck stops.

  4. As long as you get past Utah, everything will be OK.