Good news, Bad News, Silly news

Kiwi the one-eyed demonic Quaker bird that kabuki adopted almost a decade ago passed away last night.  kabuki would say it was from meaness, but who truly  understands the mysteries of the universe?  (besides myself of course)  She only wanted a peaceful little corner of the world to hide in, and kabuki provided that, in a big way.  The nastier she was the better kabuki treated her.  So I guess you really can kill someone with kindness.  You have been warned.  She was interred in a lovely bit of desert (my side yard) behind a rose bush.  A simple pile of stones marks her final resting spot.  kabuki has no doubt that she is frolicking in bird heaven, released from her pain and suffering (which she shared freely).  She is no doubt as beautiful as when she was young, and may she find the love she sought here on earth.  I know she was lonely, for she once made friends with a male lovebird.  Unfortunately she was unable to  share space with hambone (the male lovebird) for she was prone to biting pieces of other birdies.  I did not let her fly much, for she only flew to the next cage and tried to start a fight with whatever occupant was closest to the bars.  She was a slow and cumbersome bird. you could actually reach up and pluck her out of mid-air. like a balloon.  But she was one of my angels, and kabuki can only hope the kindness afforded her made her stay more pleasant.  I didn't really think I would cry, and yet now I cannot stop.  Say a little prayer for her, and all mistreated creatures (including man).  Life can be so beautiful, let  us not forget it can also be quite cruel.  


  1. I'm sorry for your loss Kabuki... Pets are part of the family. I'm sure that Kiwi appreciated your kind heart.

  2. that photo tops all.

    i do feel your pain, as well as anything else that got in kiwi's way.

  3. Life can be cruel, all you can do is try to make it better for one-eyed, mean parrots. Good for you.

  4. When my Regina (Rosella) died I dropped her in the pedal bin amongst the used tea bags and egg shells. She was always very aggresive towards Mitzi and got the burial she deserved!

  5. Thank you for giving her a loving home.

    My wish is that all creatures be treated kindly.

    Hugs to you, kabuki.