A fistfull of popsicles

No, that is not the title of the next Clint Eastwood spaghetti western.  Although it could be, kabuki is available for rewrites and stuff.  What you see in the picture is kabuki's new-used kitchen appliances.  A lovely couple in La Quinta took their realtor's advice and swapped out the 5 year old GE Profile appliances with stainless steel.  Apparently no one wanted 'built-in' appliances, so they were sitting in their garage.  Kabuki showed up (like I do) and offered to take the yumminess away, prepared to make multiple trips in the purple saturn station-wagon-of-love. The man said 'Our open house isn't for two hours, help me load them in my pickup and I will follow you to your house." So kabuki thought to himself "you want to deliver the free kitchen full of appliances to my house, I guess I am ok with that".  What lovely people they are, and kabuki got a cooktop, built-in microwave, dishwasher, double convection oven and side by side refridgerator.  What a pleasant Saturday indeed.

On Sunday kabuki awoke with a pulled muscle.  A small price to pay, and I did my best to ignore it.  How one pulls a 'butt muscle' moving kitchen appliances is unknown to kabuki, and yet it was to be.  After installing the cooktop and visualizing the rest of the appliances in place kabuki fortified himself with a 'light bologna sandwich and a fistful of popsicles.  As kabuki headed to the swirling hot mineral water spa kabuki ran into the property manager.  She knows kabuki uses the spa daily, and has been proactive in the maintenance of same-said pool of hot deliciousness. 'There are baby ducks in the spa' said the manager, 'and they won't let me scoop them up in the pool net'.  I followed her to the spa and watched as she chased a family of ducklings around the 12 by 40 foot spa with a ten foot pole.  It was a hallmark moment to be sure.  Jacked up as I was on frozen juicy popsicles (I love 'em) i removed the net from the end of the pole and entered the pool.  It was but moments before the darling ducklings were caught and  returned to their momma, who watched the entire affair with the practised air of boredom that seems unique to mothers.  The manager was properly amazed, and kabuki told her 'Birds I got, nets I got, consider me your go-to guy for bird related activities'.  You could see the relief wash over her. And kabuki was able to enjoy the swirling spa water, with neither ducklings nor people bothering me.  It was just me and the crazy hummingbird that lives in the bouganvilla bush, and he knows kabuki isn't gunning for him.  So, how is your memorial day weekend going?  kabuki canot wait to see what Monday is going to bring.  How much better is life when you just accept the strange and go with the flow.  That is kabuki, floating down the karma river.  Life is good when it's good.


  1. Kabuki will transform into Kitchen Master with all those new appliances. Assuming one knows how to use them...
    With a bored mother I would doubt they would be missed should a few of the yummy little fluff balls miraculously appear on the menu at Kabuki's next candlelight supper...

  2. We need to work on some butt-strengthening exercises.

    Mistress MJ volunteers to be your personal trainer.

  3. the new kitchen is terrific! now,
    go whip up some orange sauce
    for those yummy little duckies.

  4. Mad for you! Couldn't be more thrilled! Must say though that between your all-new all-free kitchen, and my friend Rob getting to hang out with a certain Purple-One at the certain Purple-One's house following The Purple-One's concert at the LA Forum, I'm feeling a bit left out.

    Something really fabulous must be about to happen for me. Maybe a delicious home cooked meal in the Desert.