An open letter to america's leaders

If America needs cash, STOP the ridiculous middle east wars, the war machine has enough money to last several lifetimes. 
If America needs cash, STOP the ridiculous oil company subsidies, the oil companies have enough money to last several lifetimes.
If America needs cash, STOP tax breaks for the top 2% of Americans, they have enough money to last several lifetimes.

If the middle east wants democracy they can do it themselves, like America did.
If the war machine wants money they can sell instruments of peace, like other companies do.
If rich Americans need more cash they can invest in America, like other Americans do.

IF I HEAR THE PHRASE 'JOB CREATOR' ONE MORE TIME I SHALL EXPLODE.   If there were any truth to this monniker they would be creating jobs now.  They are not, they have not, and they will not.

Recently the oil companies made more money than any company in any business in any country in the history of the world.  Subsidies? Are you fucking kidding me.  I already boycott EXXON and BP, I will cook over a wood fire in the yard.  If you want to jack up prices again, $5.00 gasoline guarantees people will reduce their consumption dramatically.  Once people learn that conservation is not that painful you will be delivering gas to their house for free.   So bring it.

President Obama was clearly elected by the people of America who expected, and deserved, a more reasonable system of governing.  Regardless of your beliefs or promises Mr President you appear to be the whipping boy of big business.  Does the Republican party have your balls in a drawer in some back office?  I am so very very disappointed.  You are a one term disaster.

I promise the backlash of a grass-roots campaign of pissed off middle-class and poor americans will make the 1960's vietnam protest look like a high school bake sale.  Boehner is clearly in the clutches of big business.  I wouldn't be surprised if he actually lives in Dick Cheneys' garage.  They both should fall on their swords.  What a total lack of humanity, common sense, humility and compassion.  I am embarassed by the fact they are not rotting in a prison. 

Can we please not destroy this great country during my lifetime.  Thanks.


  1. a little testy today? do you have new
    puppies too, working your last nerve?

  2. I am sorry, Kabuki-san, all what you write is right and clear, but I fear that we all will face the bancerott of America in our lifetimes.

    Norma's puppies are adorable!

  3. Puppies? Kabuki loves puppies!

  4. I hate to say this,, because anytime I say a positive thing about a person I detest my asshole clenches. However,, EVEN Boehner is trying to reach a compromise with Obama at this late state. The problem are these teapartiers in the republican party who seem hell bent on cutting off america's nose to spite its face. They are as cluelesss as a spoiled child who cannot get past having their way no matter how idiotic or detrimental the results may be. I praty we come to our senses in this country and stop electing mindless, narcissistic people who would put their own careers ahead of the welfare of this country.

  5. AS you surely know, Kabuki-san, BMW has a small fleet of art cars: Normally touring museums, they can actually be seen in Munich all together. Hope you enjoy.

  6. Dearest kz,
    What you right is clear, concise and, unfortunately, every word of it is true.

  7. I plan on creating my own, very small country, by invitation only, and fleeing this unfortunate wreck before it can take me down with it.