Adrift in a Sea of Indecision

Not  really.  Well maybe a little .  Oh who knows?  We all care, so don't be frontin'.  kabuki will explain the latest Home Madness cover.  kabuki really has a way.  With whatever, not so much with whenever.  kabuki wants it all.  now.  please.  bitches.  thank you.  We will check-in on the homefront a bit later on.  This past Sunday kabuki was having a delightful brunch at .  (It means crazy water)  It was kabuki, Linda Hamilton and Hamilton Beach.  Yes, there really is a Hamilton Beach.  Swell Fella, gave everybody a blender.  While waiting to be seated al fresco kabuki dryly intoned that had kabuki known it was Louis Vuitton Sunday Brunch that kabuki would have brought one.  At that precise moment TIME STOPPED.  In strolled a 60 year old STONE COLD DEAD FOX.  Dark aquamarine silk patchwork sheath dress.  Bunches of seed pearl strands and one large white Chanel bag.  Tucked in her armpit.  kabuki mentally and silently screamed 'No more entries, we have a winner!'  kabuki should have flat gone for it, but feels the lobster rolls would have been witheld.  alas. 

So the photo is my little 1965 love shack.  Coming along, coming along.  And right across the way sits the vacant double wide that belonged to the original park owner.  With the back wall of sliding glass doors leading to the deck that fronts the duck pond.  (I shall rename it Lake du Canard later).  A large mid 70s unit, last occupant little south of the border lady.  The place screams 'Foxy Brown Love Palace West'.  kabuki would need orange shag carpeting, and would search for same.  Probably find some in minnesota (or canada).  You see kabuki wants it, and made a bold cut-throat move to acquire this little pretty home, cuz that is pretty much how kabuki rolls.  Feel free to kick in a few large to help with paint.  Lots of it.  Of course kabuki said 'the kabuki kitchen appliance kollection' must go with kabuki.  kabuki's refridgerator has like six light bulbs.  Damn serious people, six damn light bulbs.  kabuki giggles wickedly.  at nite.  alone.  in a resort town.  six.

So kabuki shall wait it out.  Will kabuki stay in the mid-century or move boldly into the 70s' love machine disco train?  Felix says kabuki needs a Monte Carlo to park in front of the new place.  Anybody want to hook kabuki up?  vroom vroom kabuki says 'damn skippy'.


  1. Is that a tread mill to the left of the kabukimobile?

  2. HA! And you told me the treadmill was 'hardly visible'.

    Make that a silver Monte Carlo with a moon roof. I should look as though it has a nodding acquaintance with (and has at least driven through) Newark.

  3. I love what you have done with the place! I insist on a tour the next time I am in PS. Remember, You Are Loved.

  4. I send you well wishes and hope you get it. No one knows better than I (or is it me, because I never learned that in school) that having your living arrangements up in the air is a mother fuck or a bitch.

    Columbus or Baltimore - DAMN IT! Some peoples better make up their minds.

  5. I say DISCO. Disco all the motherfucking way.

  6. Oh, kabuki, you fabulous creature. I love you so.

    1. God, I love that picture. I haven't been to DHS in a Chester's age. I used to soak on a regular basis. Have I told you lately that I love you? Well, I do.