No stranger to Love

kabuki was grocery shopping for kabuki, the ancient chihuahua, and the 3 feathered maniacs that live with kabuki.  Walking into the store was a young girl. Maybe like six years old.  She was wearing green and blue mens flannel boxers, a pink and white nylon windbreaker zipped to the neck and black hurrache sandals. Outside it was 102 degrees.  Either this girl had it all going on, or the rest of the world did.  I sided with her.  Sometimes you have to step out of your safety zone. 
Sadly, lest us pause for a moment.  Kabuki's chocolate easter bunny has disapeared.  Last seen mocking kabuki. It is to cry.

Wanting to help the world kabuki took a brief 'cleanse' by the Aegean Sea.  Everybody is doing it, so kabuki thought 'lets go throw some coins at the greeks.  they invented butt-sex.'  kabuki had a suite waiting on the lovely island of Myhernia, very exclusive.  "Spiritual and/or Physical cleanse?" asked the insouciant counter-clerk.  kabuki leaned over the counter and smacked the nice little man.  "Just the Physical then" and signed kabuki up.  "The kabuki has an inner spirit as cleansed as the aegean is blue" , kabuki intoned "and that will cost you a fruit basket".  Kabuki loves the fruit baskets.  Tossing fruit out the window in moments of boredom can liven any vacation.  You are welcome.

So day two of the grape leaves and olive oil cleanse had kabuki feeling a little shaky.  "kabuki, your antioxidants are low" kabuki said to kabuki-self.  kabuki then proceeded to modify the cleanse by adding unlimitied amounts of cheap red wine.  Who knows kabuki's body better?  Exactly.  Sufficiently fortified kabuki slogs on.  Is slog a word?  Is blue cheese disgusting?  Did kabuki bring home any souveniers from the isle Myhernia?  Some many questions.  Answers to all of them kabuki will offer next time.  αντίο


  1. Yes, "slog" is a word. Is Kabuki trying to have an ephinany? Kabucki is an ephinany.

  2. that little girl? she was hiding grape leaves in her chipchop.

  3. Tossing fruit out the window can be dangerous.

    Fortunately, Mistress MJ has learned how to defend herself.

  4. That little girl? That was your reflection in the security mirror

  5. Aaw! Blue cheese!... So many memories! ευχαριστώ!


  6. Sounds fab, and you deserve nothing less.