Time is waiting in the wings

It is moving week here at Kabuki Acres, wish me luck.  Remember to keep the shiny side up (nascar slang), and kabuki will be back soon as he can.  My love is grotesque for you kids.  As always, if you are caught the IMF will deny your very existence.  Kabuki has yet to receive a heartfelt housewarming cheesecake from you slack-jawed inbred boozehounds.  (just a note to my family HA!)  The rest of you clowns go and do what you do best. as kabuki's return to the interworld is both foretold and imminent.


  1. It is pointless to send messages to you family via this blog, as I understand, they can't read.

    Smooth waters before ye matey.

  2. Here's to a new beginning! Forget about the old beginning.

  3. They make an herbal tea called "Smooth Move". But I think the Kabuki WC would get the work out.

  4. I have a house warming hat for you! Please send me your details so that I can post it to you.
    My email address is on my profile page.

  5. I need to see kabuki in the housewarming hat.