Skylark, have you anything to say to me?

Behold the madness that is Sunny.  She needs to work on her pattern matching, but really, when you look like her you can get away with anything.  Kabuki was chatting her up, let us recap.  'So Sunny, you know everything, and you are always right.  Does that about sum it up?' kabuki prodded gently.  (Sunny is not an easy talker.) 'Squawk' Sunny replies.  'Well, dearest sunn-bunn, let kabuki school your feathered self. ' and kabuki goes on 'Do you want to be right or happy?  No, let me finish.  For a long time kabuki felt they were mutually exclusive.  But having an epiphany or two (as is my due, remember my early childhood amnesia) kabuki has realized the answer was within kabuki all along. And dearest one, let kabuki enlighten you (wearing a kimono allows one to use words like "enlighten" in everyday conversation.) JUST KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!!!!  Be as fucking empirically correct as is your want, just don't be a dick about it. (sorry the "d" word is absolutely required at this point in the dialogue)  And viola, you still have people who will speak to you while secretly maintaining your mental superiority.'  (ps  world's worst kept secret)  end act one

Nowadays everyone is looking for a hero.  Dammit people - be the hero!.  Kabuki has been a hero like forever.  These days kabuki has elevated himself to SUPERHERO.  My super power = inevitability.  The world will soon realize kabuki has been right all along.  And one day people will recognize that kabuki will win in the end.  As befits a kabuki'ed superhero who is always right.  (oops)  Kabuki was venting just a little.  end act two

Having reconciled to a life of superhero celibacy, kabuki still wonders if his sidekick ran off with his evil nemesis.  Kabuki has no idea, but the heart strings are still occasionally plucked.  Kabuki feels this adds a dark sadness to kabuki's psyche - which most superheros need.  Like cloves of garlic in a roast leg of lamb.  (although the mint jelly is totally superflous, trust)  Kabuki would trade dark sadnesses with someone. probably.  Anybody got a mean hangnail willing to trade for solitary existence?  Perhaps a lactose intolerance, kabuki will work with you.  The quiet solitude might bring out the artist in you.  (kabuki is an artiste - don't be jealous)  Oh well, kabuki shall just be satisfied with superhero powers, keen wit and devastating good looks.  (kabuki did not mention his fine singing voice - it makes Felix of Hollywood cross)  bon chance mon petit singes end act three 


  1. Where is the back story on this post?

    1. I know who I am and I know what I am. Sometimes that is not enough.

  2. " And viola, you still have people who will speak to you while secretly maintaining your mental superiority."

    might you have meant, VOILA!

    people don't speak to violists. i know.

    1. please excuse. my friend plays the viola de gamba, and kabuki must have been thinking of him.

    2. I'm known to be a very good French teacher.

      And I play the violin.

      Only one string violin though.
      They called it an ehru.
      I'm an eruhist...

      That's close enough to "hero" isn't it?


      I can sing too...

  3. Ah, my favorite play to read: "Confusion In Three Acts".

    Listen up everyone! It's time I forewarn you about something that you're certainly never going to hear from kabuki-san. That beautiful singing voice? It may or may not be the case. The truth is, I have been bragged to about this clarion-toned voice for thirty-five years.....and have YET to hear it! You'd be cross too.

  4. Oh, darling, we are more alike than you could ever know.

    "Faint as a will-o-the-wisp, crazy as a loon...
    Sad as a gypsy serenading the moon..."

  5. Sunny would be right at home in The Plaid Room.

  6. You are divine and I love you recklessly.