Give me Liberty or give me desks!

Behold the newest resident at Castle Rock (kabuki's doulewide mansion).  He is a two year old french poodle named Liberty.  His daddy is fighting in Afganistan and then will be fighting in Gemany, so he asked his mommy to find Liberty a new home.  Liberty was raised with parrots, so he was a natural for kabuki's parrot-laden home. He is quite friendly, calm, housebroken, and a picky eater.  All welcome Liberty into the Infomaniac world of delight.
Once another delightful note, in less than 24 hours kabuki will be receiving his first Infomaniac visitor.  The lovely and talented Donna Lethal is weekending in Desert Hot Springs and offered to buy kabuki dinner. (score)  She said 'I understand if you do not wish to show your work in progress house'.  Kabuki answered 'Are you kidding?  Kabuki requires anyone nearby to come and see the as-is state of affairs.   Kabuki does not wish people to think he just moved into a turn-key double-wide mansion of extreme tastefulness, NO NO NO.   Kabuki wants all to know the super-human effort required to make the house a home.  That being said, if Donna thinks kabuki is going to mop the floors she is sadly mistaken.  Kabuki dusted, vacuumed, and took out the trash.  Kabuki is now watching cartoons, sipping iced tea and nibbling on a chilled peruvian minneola.  After all, what does one expect from kabuki.  Have you ever mopped a floor in a silk kimono and white face.  Kabuki thought not.

Kabuki has decided a nice 19th century romantic bronze would be yummy on the patio.  Anyone who has an extra bronze should contact kabuki via this fantastic blog.  As a child of goodness and light kabuki deserves a nice bronze.  Let us spend no more time on this.  Thanks in advance from kabuki.

ps.  kabuki did not want another desk, so that is why kabuki is a proud french poodle parent.


  1. Congrats on the new pooch! AND have fun with Miss Lethal. I expect nothing but good things said about me!

  2. YAY!

    might liberty be called "libby?" i only ask because the first corgi, the start of it all was libby. it's a good name.

    and i also must ask, did everyone get their shots? liberty & mizz lethal?

  3. I met Ms Lethal with Felix in a tasteful bar in Hollywood. It was magic and she is a charming minx.

  4. If you took out the trash, then why does Liberty look like something smells?

    Do I have to come over there and Febreze liberally?

  5. Why Liberty looks like she was tailor made for our Mandrian beauty Kabuki! And those regal fluffy ears, why she is already dressed for the first Castle Rock soiree! And oh, the stories to be told already.....

  6. Back at ground control there is a problem. The visitor rescheduled Saturday and bailed on Sunday.

    1. ♫Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
      Can you hear me, kabuki zero?
      Can you hear me, kabuki zero? ♫

  7. There was a big problem. I am filled with shame and remorse:

  8. Poodles can be highly strung and snappy creatures, rather like their owners, I find. I once looked after a friend's poodle for a week, a chocolate coloured miniature called Margaret-Rose, nobody told me that they lay eggs in the street that have to be picked up or face a fine.