Message to the Universe

I know you are changing, I am changing too.  You don't own me, you can not control me, you can not tame me.  You can not stop me, you can only end me.  Not scared.   Even if I lose, that does
not mean you win.  You are not black and white.  There are always alternatives, choices, paths untried.  My spirit is unbroken.  My desire remains intact.  My ego protects my softer side, my wit
shields my true nature, my talent strengthens my resolve.  What I do not learn from I may repeat.  My choice.  What I covet I may pay too high a price to obtain.  My decision.  One day I will be
done, but that day is not today.  I have said it before.  I will say it again.  I am unique. I am alone. I am searching, I am kabuki zero.


  1. this sounds serious.
    let me finish pooping, then i'll be right back.

  2. the Universe - or that bitch - got on kabuki's nerves - so she had it coming.

  3. That Universe really is a bitch. She told me that she likes to play with you like a cat with a mouse.

  4. Head on over to Norma's for a free advice session.

  5. If you're going to Norma's, make sure you take room deordorizer.

  6. I am the Universe!

    We are the Universe!

    And I'll drink to that if you don't mind!