Ruby, don't take your love to town

Quite recently kabuki was in Malaga with Adele and Brendan Fraser.  Say what you will, but kabuki has shared figs with less attractive men than Brendan.  Anyway - Brendan was trying to give me ideas for my upcoming kitchen rehab, and kabuki was pretending to be interested in his opinion.  Has anyone ever really been interested in anyone else's kitchen hints?  Certainly not kabuki, who knows his way around a lemon zester.  And we shall speak of it no further.  All this talk of kitchens reminded Adele of  this delightful pear and dark chocolate croissanrt she had for breakfast - well the whole affair was really just a crashing bore.  'Excuse moi' kabuki said, and while pretending to visit the loo kabuki slipped out the back door of that sad little cafe in Malaga.  Hopping the next steamer for the cape (note: steamship captains adore kabuki, and always have.)  Kabuki was sure Adele and Brendan would forgive kabuki, because kabuki can pout like the prettiest ballerina princess that ever was.  Plus, kabuki is not above a little white lie (to spare their feelings).  Better 'kabuki banged his head in the watercloset, and the resulting amnesia tooks weeks to subside' than 'kabuki wanted to gut you both like last nights trout, and feed your entrails to the undead'.  Because, as if you knew, the undead are particularly useful if you are trying to  get rid of some entrails.  Ignore this if you are in france (hope not) because the french will serve it up with truffle sauce and a pretentious red wine.  salut  kabuki knows to tread carefully the waters of the Seine, because of the many francophiles the visit mine own blog.  A world wide phenom to be sure, kabuki was even recognized in Anartica not so long ago.  kabuki knew the fur-lined kimono was a wise investment.  Those cold artic blasts are well past invigorating when one is out of doors.  A word to the wise - save those 'going commando' days for Brasil.  So where were we?  Kabuki has no idea - that amnesia really was something.  To recap - Adele, waterloo, brendan francophile, lemon tarts and of course Kabuki Zero.  Next time - have you seen my sketch pad?


  1. I'm always amazed at how many friends kabuki seems to have around the docks down at the waterfront.

  2. A pear and dark chocolate croissant? I must have one immediately!

  3. i thought you got the odorless paint.....
    so that the hallucinations wouldn't kick in.