while the cat is away

Our beloved Infomaniac stylestress is not even over the horizon and the catastrophe rears its evil head up on kabuk'is twitter.  The Polka Dot Queen has resurfaced, as kabuki foresaw (and forewarned, bitches).  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY is it always up to kabuki to carry the banner into the fray?  Is it because of kabuki's great legs?  Ruby Keeleresque - some might say.  Kabuki humbly acknowledges the fact that kabuki is equipped with a fine pair of walking sticks.  (don't hate the player)  So now kabuki has to march down to New Yorks' 5th Avenue, break the glass on the storefront where this nightmare is polkadots has been spied, and do battle with the Polka Dot Queen.  Kabuki would regret that he has only only life to give, but let us be serious, kabuki will wipe the floor with this fashion freak.  My battle kimono is pressed, the car is gassed, the citizens have been evacuated (3 block radius, in case kabuki starts to swing a purse).  So anyway, while kabuki is on 5th Ave, anybody need anything?  Chanel?  Louis Vuitton?  Kabuki would say Prada but last time kabuki wore any prada he broke out in a rash.  Probably made in bangladesh, those prada people are pretenders to the throne.  Who knows, might cross the pond, catch some olympics and have Vivienne Westwood run kabuki up a smart new kimono.  because the one kabuki wears to New York is gonna have polka dots all over it.  bon chance!


  1. Wear you plaid kimono. That'll piss her off.

  2. Please give my best to a certain Tim Gunn.

  3. you'd leave kasa kaboo unfinished?

  4. I just hope you are up to it Darling... that Polka Bitch looks fierce.....

  5. Sorry I'm late, but please know I got your back. Should you need someone in the highly important "Hold My Jewelry" position, I am your girl.

  6. The Kraken vs Linda Hunt: SMACKDOWN! Only Kabuki wins. My eyeballs are applying for a visa; seriously WTF.

    My Opie tells me via Ouija and the tea leaves that your baby was spotted taking a pee on Jesus' sandals. Good dog!!!

  7. BTW I love you desperately and unreasonably.

    1. I love you MORE, kabooks.

      By the way, I saw an installation by The Polka Dot Queen while I was in Montreal.

  8. Where is kabuki?

    Mistress MJ wants kabuki!!!

  9. Its no contest sweetcheeks . The Polka Dotted slapper is toast