ennui - I reek of it.

Yes folks, it is another tape-related incident for dear kabuki.  You never know how exciting household goods can be - until you try.  Always remember these5 little words "I meant to do that".  Tell people you saw it in a magazine.  I've been using that excuse for years.  Like I need an excuse. Back when I was an employed kabuki I was almost always dressed to the tits. It helps keep the riff-raff in their place.  More than once I told an employee "because I (the boss) said so.  work is not a democracy"  Anyway, I developed the habit of appearing at the various nitespots in my work clothes.  Why go and change?  I can look fabulous for more than 8 hours in one outfit, it is my right as the prettiest ballerina in the world.  As I was saying (before I interrupted myself) I would sometimes turn my sport coat inside out, to display the extraordinary lining.  Of course I would wear it that way for awhile, then reverse it back before driving home. The Man don't need no  reason to pull kabuki over - no maam.  A few fashionistas were quite plucked that I would brazenly break established 'sport coat protocol'.  I announced that not only was I above 'sport coat protocol', I would continue this behaviour until it was adopted as fashion by someone unknown to myself.  It took approximately 4 weeks before a twinkie strolled into the club, sport coat inside out.  I tell you this because fashion becomes overbearing when the fun is removed.  If you don't enjoy putting it on - then you should take it off.  Also hutzspah counts.  I look good in it because I feel good in it, even if you do insist on undressing me with your eyes.  We both know you do it.  That is why I shall try and appear naked more often. Just to help you out.  Because kabuki cares about fashion and you.  kabuki can do both. 
Still setting up shop, new kabuki photoshoot on the way.  Just waiting for the hyperbaric chamber and some chandelier earrings.  loves you much - kthxbai


  1. The inside-out sports coat thing, I actually thought was kinda forward thinking and very hip. It was the jockey shorts on the outside of your trousers that I most strenuously objected to.

    I'm so glad you're here, making my day! xx

  2. Dear Kabuki, I’m having a fashion crisis please advise.

    I’m always the bride and never the bridesmaid.

    I have a terrible habit of murdering my husbands on the honeymoon. I need a sensible ensemble for a wedding and a funeral. Is it tacky to combine both garments in one and have a white lace wedding gown lined in black to reverse for accompanying the casket on the flight home? I think it’s economical but my in-laws suggest it to be in bad taste.


    Black Widow Bride

  3. i just adore scratch and sniff blogs!

  4. I say a sport coat made of packing tape would be sturdy AND fashionable.

  5. i need an intervention, sugar! *sigh* xoxox

  6. You got lost between all these boxes, kabuki-san?