La Vie en Kabuki

Spring arises and dances away, leaving behind beauty and renewal. Crap. My libido stirs. Damn, I thought I had driven in the last coffin nail. Lonliness gnaws at my soul like a rat trapped in a box. I reject the notion that there is someone for everyone. I see no proof of such a claim. Perhaps my mate is lost, somewhere in the sands of time. With a bit of a mind flip - we are into the time slip - and nothing - will ever be the same. (life lessons from The Rocky Horror Show) Twenty-five years of solitary existence is more than enough to numb the soul. And please - dear reader - do not respond with your own years of difficulties. This is not a contest, and I would like to selfishly dwell on myself (for the moment). I often wonder why I continue what seems a meaningless existence. My huge ego keeps me safe from harm, I am thankful for that. Although many have experienced similar highs and lows, no one has my unique life story. As only you have yours. Having bent reality to my will - if only briefly - I can tell you that having everything you desire is not quite as rewarding as it should be. (Although it ain't half bad.) As I continue to do battle with the universe I recognize that my approach may be wrong. Perhaps more of a 'go with the flow', zen-like approach is in order. Fuck that, seems like everytime I lay down I get run over. I must strive for what I want - it is part and parcel who I am. There may never be a kabuki one, but there is a kabuki zero. And don't you forget it.

and with all the changes you've been thru

it seems the stranger's always you

alone again in some new wicked little town



  1. While we could do a duet on this one I realize that we're focusing on you (what else is new) and so I will simply say: SING IT SISTER!!!

  2. Have you tried a jump to the left?
    And then a step to the right?

    You DO know that it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane?