a confused kabuki sits quietly

kabuki has questions.  So many questions.  Like - does this sofa make you pee a little?  

And what about this chair?  Can you keep down the asparagus, or would this seat make you hurl?

 Kabuki has a real bug up her butt about danish modern and/or mid-century decor for the interior of the 1965 Chalet Mobile Home being readied to be the next kabuki HQ.  While kabuki knows you will never stop in - even though you are most cordially invited - kabuki still feels this decision is too weighty for just one brilliant mind (mine) to decide.  Some of you may remember the pirate furniture that won kabuki the coveted 'most hideous  furniture' award at  INFOMANIAC.  The award-winning furniture was subsequently damaged beyond repair when kabuki accidentally threw each and every piece off the second floor landing.  A subtle hint to remain on kabuki's good side, which is easy, because kabuki does not have a bad side.  The camera loves kabuki - and we are all excited with the prospect of renewing the photographic explorations of beauty and taste we are so well known for.  And kabuki is also pleased that we are referring to ourselves as 'we'.  Kabuki has gone plural - what could be next - sycophants?  Kabuki says 'bring it'.
While kabuki is in an asking mood - what type of foliage would look best in the desert? 

Kabuki is most familiar with tropical bonsais and small, ornamental  shrubbery.  All JohnDoe  can say is 'succulents - i have some in pots'.  Please remind kabuki to plant JohnDoe in a large pot, and then surround him with succulents.  In all fairness, JohnDoe also went on about a 'horsetail plant', which kabuki feels is one of the most unattractive plants found in nature.  It looks like it has just been mowed, sort of '12th hole fairway'.  Anyway - don't bring one within ten feet of kabuki - or kabuki will bonsai it.  And not in the good way.  OK, everybody remember your homework,  kabuki awaits your vital input.  bye-bye


  1. I may not have taste in landscaping, but I can assure you that I have never owned pirate furniture, nor have I ever considered putting hideous advertisements on my blog. Particularly not one featuring a brutally mutilated man with the (undeniably clever, and no doubt effective) copy line that reads: "There's defeated, and then there's disfigured."

    I guess I just haven't your charms.

  2. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Your moniker has been removed from this and all future posts. Humour - is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. And now you don't even have to look it up.

  3. You mean THIS award-winning hideous pirate furniture?

  4. landscaping i'm not so good at, but that furniture, love it. the flame stitch fabric is great!

    trust your instincts. always douche afterwards.

  5. I am very good at landscaping & I go for the pirate look. I am considering a Kabuki Grotto as my next project.
    The sofa does cause a little liquid to sneak out.

  6. Well hon, I love the flame stitch sofa and the shape of it looks very comfy but the chair looks a bit stiff, standing at attention like a know! Let's just say my backside would hurt after using that chair for hours. And alas, I'm not a good gardener, but I can ask my house boy for input!?!

  7. Love the couch, scared of the chair. Potted orange trees, bouganvilla, and purple bauhinia. Well, you asked. Once you get there, you'll see everyone has all the same plants.

  8. Red geraniums in terracotta pots against a calming wall of variegated ivy would look lovely. A Laburnham tree would also look attractive with it's beautiful yellow cascading flowers and it's poisonous too!