Doomicile for kabuki? Can our heroine escape a fate worse than deaf? What?

kabuki thanks the site where this kitty was found.  Now on  to business.  kabuki is aware of the grumblings and rumorettes that have been  floating around this fair planet.  let kabuki put your mind at ease.  everything you think you heard is true.  all of it.  moving on.   someone recently told me i was high at the event i was telling them about.  "I was twelve" i replied hotly, "and I most certainly was not".  "Well there is the problem" they said "you should have been".  Reverse logic applied at kabuki.  brilliant!  well played - kabuki thought.  "they can learn" kabuki mused, i will have to watch out from now on.  And people think kabuki is paranoid.  "deluded" they cried, in a sing-song chanty kind of way.  Like the Osmond boys with just a hint of Children of the Corn

It is snowing here again.  kabuki is not pleased with the snow.  it was just last week kabuki accused Felix of Hollywood of having a weather machine.  kabuki does not remember why just right now, but kabuki is sure the reasoning was quite sound.  you have to trust the decision making process.  and kabuki does.  anyway, now it would seem the very same device is in the hands of the enemy.  trust felix to leave planetary control devices laying around.  probably left it in his car.  felix drives a 1963 dodge dart.  it is black with avocado doors.  felix adores this car.  he calls it 'shalimar - princess of the i80.  he often speaks of adding a supercharger to that sweet small-block.  kabuki does not know what that means, but it seems oddly sexualized.  mildly disturbing -no?

the spring holds such promise for kabuki.  kabuki would like to remind the readers of this little news blog (because it ain't nothing but news that kabuki is frying up in the skillet of truth. so recognize)  that with so many decisions to be made at one time, it is possible that a miscalculation can occur.  So if kabuki puts up a blog about installing purple shag carpeting in the living room of Kabuki HQ, i would ask that the readers wait a day or two before slicing and dicing kabuki like puffer-fish sushi.  All except Norma Desmond - that tart couldn't hold her tongue with barbeque tongs.  and kabuki has already forgiven her.  what grace.  tatas


  1. oh, kabuki...

    you are the most brill-balls writer! I want to know you; i want to get my nails done with you; i want to SHOP with you.

    i want to know what you skillet of truth holds for me!

  2. @Kevin - If the only payment method used is Your charge card, I can assure you that Kabuki will happily arrange a shopping date.

    I understand that Architectural Digest is staring a new 'Trailer Homes' feature. I predict they will write an in-depth biographical piece next year on Kabuki and his new desert digs entitled "The Man In The Can".


    would you hurry up and move into the trailer already.

  4. Are you making a Skillet of Truth infomercial?