you are the one, now is the time

thank you bryan ferry - for such a poignant opening.  kabuki was momentarily at a loss for words.  a rare occurance, but my mind is troubled.  no, i would say bothered is a better descriptive.  ennui - i reek of it.  kabuki must cast  off the surly bonds of winter and prepare for the trek west.  kabuki is sad, cold and alone.... so lets fix the cold part.  kabuki will address sad next.  actually a road trip might just shake the doldrums from kabuki's lithe carriage. and as for the alone part, tis best for now.  so many decisions to ponder - so when does kabuki find the time to breakin a new beau?  suppose kabuki slips and damages the aforementioned beau.  kabuki knows the cold hard facts regarding love.  beaus simply are not returnable.  you break it, you bought it.  although kabuki is working on a no-penalty broken beau return plan.  perhaps if we all pitched in together.  kabuki says send all those lightly soiled beaus to holland, perhaps they can be trained to plant tulips.  and kabuki knows where those beaus can plant those tulips!!  (wow - what a lot of work for such a small payoff)

if there is anyone out there who is having a fabulous and fascinating winter of 2010=2011, would they please keep it to themselves.  if kabuki sees any over-the-top celebratory individuals kabuki will just snap.  it is true that misery loves company.  and nothing helps a bad mood like sharing it with others.  see. kabuki feels better already.  and apologizes for wasting your time with this go nowhere blog entry.  kabuki will cook up something really good for next time.  think unfound rumors and distasteful innuendos, because that is where kabuki shines.  and we all need to shine sometimes.


  1. ennui - i reek of it

    And yet I detected a top note of sans souci.

  2. that trailer ain't gettin' any younger!

  3. kabuki is taking the Southern route across these United States, but I'd watch it if I were you Norma. Sources tell me that it's not beyond kabuki to delay his arrival a few days to head North, pull into your driveway, knock on the door and ask you what you meant by that!