I'll build a glass asylum (with just a hint of mayhem)

Time to address the minions.  MINIONS- look sharp!  kabuki will enlighten you, and don't cash your paychecks till saturday.  kabuki's psychic cash flow has to clear the bank. A few questions answered- then on to business.  NormaDesmond - owning an exercise video is all the exercise you need.  You are cursed with eternal beauty.Not your fault.  If they dig you up in 100 years (and they will), you will still be all cheekbones and legs.  Stephen - you will be admired by many, adored by several, loved by a few.  Many people will say 'what does he have, that we do not?'.  It is magic, and it looks good on you. kabuki has the hots for you, and knows your husband will dice up kabuki's liver.  so from afar i admire.
  OK DOKEY is the time to address our paranormal neighbors, right?  WRONG!!  There are more than enough psychic bozos spouting nonsense about 'whatever'.  Let kabuki shine the light for you.  kabuki is interested in the para-abnormal.  Do you think crazy people don't die?  You think a normal person would drag a clanking chain around a castle for 300 years?  Now you're getting it.  There is crazy on both sides of the psychic storm, and kabuki is your lightning arrestor. Why? Why you?  Why you now?  Damn - you ask alot of questions.  Who better than kabuki to navigate the unusual, the odd, the slightly freakish.  Have you met my family?  One good family reunion picture woould answer so many questions for you.  I know crazy, and it is afraid.  Afraid kabuki will take over.   Fortunately , although I have exensive management skills kabuki has no interest in 'running things'.  I literally let the crazies run th asylum.  It keeps things fresh.  I only offer advice. As a mentor. For the insane.  Lesson One- If god/dog/talking toaster tells you to kill your neighbor - say NO! BAD GOD/DOG/TALKING TOASTER!  Why let the voices be in charge.  You don't listen to anybody else, why are you listening to broccoli?  It is still your universe - even if it looks like a Tim Burton set.  Anyway - the voices won't shut up even if you do what they say.  They are like a bratty little sister.  Yak Yak Yak.  Personally - I have screeching tinnitus in my ears, I think a voice might be a refreshing change.  Work with what you got people, and when it gets to be too much - call on kabuki.  I will be there for you- always.  Because that is how it works.  OKTHXBAI


  1. So many questions answered. So many more revealed.

  2. Ok, next question.

    Why come you harangued me about removing the word verification prompt on my blog, but yours still has one?

  3. Your talents are wasted Dear Kabuki.
    Have you thought about a career in "serious" journalisim? They seem to have a scoop on the parra-abnormality activities... i no longer take note of the news... But your skills in this arena would outshine all... I'm tuning in as we speak...

  4. My universe looks like the set of Pee-wee's Playhouse.

    My question is...

    Why hasn't Felix sent his drag pics in for my drag contest?

  5. how did you know that i have a clause in my will that says i MUST be dug up in 100 years? i know, i know, stupid question to ask YOU. what don't you know?

    my cheekbones may or may not be in good condition when they are unearthed. dr. neofache was using a compostable filler (until he was arrested and hauled away). my face my be filled with carrot peelings.

  6. Oh Great Kabuki, Oh wise one, how can you know me so well? I am freightened by what you portend. I want to be loved by the masses & only tolerated by the few. How have I been going around it the wrong way? I put it out there to the universe, & I would out it out there for you, Kabuki. When can yu tell me more?
    I light a candle for you every evening at vespers. Do you feel the ligh?
    Yours, with devotion,

  7. Two weeks without kabuki is like two weeks without sunshine!