a travesty of justus

Recently I was chatting with Felix in Hollywood. The subject was yours truly so I was fully engaged. I mentioned my dropping fan numbers, he suggested that there may be people who do not care for me. What a ridiculous notion. It's like saying "You're not my type". I am too. I am everybodys' type. This is widely known. Sometimes I am troubled by peoples' faint grasp on reality. Just yesterday I was watching a show on delusions. There are people who believe the most ridiculous crap you have ever heard. Thankfully kabuki is fully grounded. Did I mention I was working on a new exercise craze? Zombie exercise. Zombie your way to fitness. Stick your arms out in front & lurch from side to side as you amble down the street in search of brains. Believe me - you could walk the length of my street and find nary a brain. It is a workout and social commentary at the same time. Just remember to moan & groan. There are several of you who will need no help there. You are already moaning - your exercise routine is half-complete. And don't you love being ahead of the curve? kabuki lives there, my street name should be Ahead of the curve Blvd. I suppose I could run around all day shouting 'I told you so!'. But I do not. Besides few people pay any attention to me. I must work on my presentation skills. Perhaps I could convert carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuel. That should keep them engrossed. Just have to watch my back, them dirty oil companies will not be happy. What better time to say 'fuck em'. Now I just have to get Jaguar to sign on - and I am good to go.   Next time : Ask the kabuki - a chance for the answers you need.  start thinking of your questions now.  kabuki sees some, tells some - like a friggin' psychic.  WOW


  1. Strange, but I have no recollection of that conversation. Must not have been paying attention.

    The zombie thing? It's working! I'm feeling pounds lighter and years younger.

  2. i live on What's The Use Avenue. I lost my exercise tape AND my VCR broke. i'm gaining weight as i type. my looks are lost to the ages. any suggestions?

  3. I say if your "fans" can't keep up, they don't deserve you. Leave them in your zombie dust.

  4. Well, you had me at the first Zombie. Now go to my blog and become of mine, or I'll cut ya.

  5. Apologies for taking so long to get here but Mistress MJ is having female troubles.

    But if you're psychic, you already knew that.

    Isn't your dog a licensed psychic?

  6. I remain your devoted fan. I don't always leave a comment because I like to spread it around. But, love you I do... & your blog too, & I am only faintly delusional.

    My Question, oh great Kabuki:
    What is to become of me?