grace - the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

kabuki laments the lack of grace in today's world.  Is it possible that grace exists but it not newsworthy?  Kabuki hopes so. In today's instant information society grace just doesn't tittillate.  Are we really interested in what Britney bought at the store today?  When I say 'we' I mean you, because I wouldn't give two figs to spend the day with her.  How many twits make a twat?  One.  Today's famous have handlers, publicists, assistants, dressers, agents, entourages etc.  If they flash snatch at the camera I find it difficult to believe it was not a planned event.  ICK.  Sextapes - how carefully would you look after one if it was your poorly lit genitalia?  kabuki would bury his under the house.  Yet one pops up every couple of months.  Technologically illiterate?  Half right.  Jealous - damn skippy.  I will take 24 hour scrutiny if it comes with a $4 million house.  Try me.  I find it troubling that a rehab clinic is considered a right of passage.  Like jail time for disadvantaged inner-city youths.  This scares me.  What message does an eight-year old child receive if Hannah Montana acts like a tramp?  If you want me to spend $100 bucks on athletic shoes your sexual dalliances will not influence my purchase in a positive manner.  Because unto whom much is given, much is required. God Karma Juju or just because - try to add a little grace back into your day.  kabuki thanks you


  1. Well said dearest one. However-

    **Yours shall be a cruel and unusual punishment. And yes, it will be public. My opinion of tjb has suffered a serious blow. style maven my ass, the pretenders always slip up in the end.
    ps that logo is scrapbook-hideous and should be burned.**

    Where, exactly, was the graciousness in all of that?

    Remember, you ARE under 24 hour surveillance.

  2. kabuki did not imply that he is any more than human, or exempt from incorrect behaviour. if you read self-righteousness in my blog, you misunderstood. i am after all just one self-styled kabuki-like madman alone in the night

  3. You look gorgeous in that little off-the-shoulder number.

  4. M'lady is too kind. And such good yaste, in a naughty-by-nature kind of way. And now that Felix has knocked me off my high horse - let the madness begin anew.

  5. Dear Miss Kabuki,
    Me thinks she doth protest too much.

    What would the Proleteriat do without such fodder to keep them occupied with reality?

    But there is such a lack of grace.