just a few new ideas from team kabuki

i would like to equip my new car with onBoard RockStar. When you pushed the little button on the visor Ozzie Osbourne would come on and say "I don't even know where I fucking am."

embracing a new zen-style of learning, kabuki will now be referred to as the non-sensei.

while tossing out the old kitchen sponge it occurred to me that i was expunging the ex sponge. i fell to the floor with literary hilarity.

i have changed imaginary boyfriends. i am now secretly imagining hot monkey-love with mark valley. when i have time. i know he cares.

what if the voices in your head mumbled? instead of 'soon we will kill them all' you heard 'scary susan at the mall'? who wants to be crazy and confused? not me.

if you were king and gay, you could be the king and the queen. think of the savings in jewelry alone. how you priced crowns lately? me neither, but i bet somebody has.

i am kabukizero - and you are not


  1. Dear Mr Non-Sensei,

    I will not be sitting in deep meditation considering my route to nirvanah. Nor shall I be travelling the road to enlightenment.

    Thank you,

    Luv Princess XXX

  2. Just came from MJ's. Well you're definitely in the mix now darling.

    Now, just what year was that picture taken? The last I heard the coat was black and the leg hair was grey.

  3. Felix, you’re living up to your name with that catty remark.

    i fell to the floor with literary hilarity.

    Mistress MJ cracks herself up everyday.

    We encourage more of your musings and shall return after we’ve looked into the going rate for crowns.