Another year can bite Kabuki’s snow white ass re-post (may 2008)

hello kittens. kabuki had another freakin' birthday. Time has NO hold on kabuki, although gravity is an evil taskmaster. My two bestest friends came up to chez mois, and we partaked of this fair citys entertainment meccas. Of course, first we went to goodwill - with a carfull of delicious gifts for the poor and tired. Dropped the goods off in the back, then swing around to the front for SHOPPING. I bought a hideous silver-plated shrimp platter. I had to buy it, because I already had one. Where a hideous shrimp dish is tacky, two are sublime. Figure it out on your own time. After successfull shopping (somebody else paid), I returned to the Cathedral (my ancestral mobile home), borrowed a big-ass truck(Ford f-250 superduty) and filled it with belongings which no longer pleased me. And off to the dump. I had never been to a dump before, and I dare say I won't dash back. Absolutely nothing going on. I mean a couple of people were throwing things away, but it's not like I was going to leave the dump with their stuff. Because people will talk. And then they would have to die. And I have seen entirely to much prison on CNBC (their schedule is predator, predator, prison, prison, prison and repeat). So if I killed all those people whose talked about me (and it would be LOTS of people - because I am popular), I would have to flee the country - and hide out abroad. Which would never work. I always have a 32 oz glass filled with ice, and a beverage of choice. And what country would be able to supply kabuki's ice requirements? Monaco maybe, and even then only temporarily. Kuala Lumpur? Not even. So here lies the predicament. You can't even kill the people that talk about you. Bad karma. But you can imagine them in uncomfortable situations, they can't take that from you. Often I cast my gaze around the food court of my local mall, and the song in my head is 'heat rash, cold sore, hangnail'. And while I may later regret such imaginations (i won't), no harm was done. At least to me. On my birthday. Like a card would have killed you. If you suffer bad hair do not blame me, because I did not go there. But I will go to my happy place, and send much hot sexy love your way. So go wait by the mailbox.

  surely not any wiser  kabuki zero

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