losing my religion (repost 2008)

The Pope is in town. Of course he called, and we hung out (a little). Gone are the golden days of my youth, and the 'fun' pope. I remember it was me, Cyndi Lauper and Pope John. We were in Borneo for a little r&r. Don't believe what you hear, Cyndi Lauper can drink like a fish. The Pope was holding his own. We were all ripped and crackin' on Nancy Reagan - laugh till I thought I was gonna die. Yes, we all took turns wearing the hat. Pope was a stitch, tried on Cyndi's shoes (she is always taking them off), did the PeeWee big shoe dance. Anyway, good times. Thats all I'm saying. Offered to drop a word at Trattu, but Pope was deadset on Cafe Milano. eech. Haven't been there since I told off the 'hostess' (rhymes with slut).

So, here is my thoughts on reviving the Catholic Church. First, 'Pope on a stick' - a little puppet pope - gets the kiddies involved. Second - 'Pope-Pourri' for the soccer Moms and their SUVs. 2 scents - heavenly or divine. Third, make your own Pope hat. And if that doesn't do it, well I'm afraid they will just have to suffer. I believe Goddess Judy Tenuda said it best "I'm just looking for a man to whom I can confess, I'm just looking for a cowboy in a long white silky dress".

i would pray for you all - but thats so invasive.the very right Kabuki zero

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