Are you thinking of me as well - repost

A bit of shameless self-promotion, available only thru  A must have for all music aficionados. From the same people who brought you 'Katherine Hepburn sings Tina Turner' – ("steamy windows" is unforgettable), we are pleased to announce 'Bette Davis sings The Police'. Yes, me too. I cried when I heard "Driven to Tears', and "Roxanne" will have you longing for the days of self-indulgent drinking and drug use. If you have given them up I mean. The drinking and drug use. Otherwise it's just another day for you. sad

While on the subject - which I rarely am, I had a little self-indulgent reality-altering inbiding of holiday spirits yesterday. Purely medicinal y'know Anyway I pretended that I was world famous socialite and drag-queen Miss Cheesecake Glamoure. Entertainment is Cheesecake's bread and butter, if you will. And you can call her 'cakes'. And it was fun. If you thought I was all business - no play - well, then you are an idiot. And I do not suffer idiots gladly. I actually get just a little whiny, and somewhat needy. Why? Why let the idiots of the world bother us? Attention: ALL IDIOTS. STOP READING THIS. I SEE YOU. I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE.

that should shake them up a little

Kabuki Zero

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