its’ back (re-post from april 2008)

my pain is back. my fatigue is back. my brain-fuzz is back. I swore that i would not go back there again. So many of the things i dislike are occurring, and so few of the things i desire are coming to fruition. i refuse to be despondent - but christ-almighty i am experiencing one hell of a beat-down. i think its made all the worse by my seclusion. Chosen or thrust upon me, my life is an extremely solo event. eech! party of one - coming right at cha. Am i melancholy because of this dreadful season, or am i just a turd in the pool? eww! On the upside, i no longer fear much of anything. If the devil shows up - i am kicking his sorry ass to the curb. Be more than happy to go hunt down Osama and set his turban on fire. Sit cheney down in a chair and let me expouse my views on gasoline prices. Or - and now its on - let me get my hands around the throats of the morons who keep fucking up my cartoon channel 'adult swim' programming.

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