Haiku to you too re-post

haiku - unrhymed Japanes poem recording the essence of a keenly perceived moment in which nature is linked to human nature.
usually consisting of 17 sounds (jion)

I found my book of haiku last night. I had stopped writing in it years ago. Or so I thought. It had more entries than I remembered. In my hand, and obviously of my mind. I do hope you don't mind if i share.

with your hand in mine
our love will last the ages
like the morning sky

caught in a bad dream
a nightmare and i'm awake
my time slips away

a world of shadows
a dark universe of pain
like a stillborn child

i am afraid of
invisible gorillas
echoes of my past

i have also developed my own form - kabuku - consisting of increasing sounds

time flies
beauty dies
nobody cries
everybody lies

old friends long gone
not dead but forgotten
how sad are we how cruel are they

i am still - kabuki zero

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  1. your poetry has warmed my nethers, take me you scoundrel.