the artistry of the over-talented re-post

Looking for backers for my new movie. Its a 'star trek meets shakespeare' tale of love and betrayal. I call it "Romulan and Juliet". No good? How about a "Wizard of Oz" remake with ben affleck (lion), matt damon (scarecrow), ian bagg(tin man) and steve martin (the wizard). Who would play dorothy? who cares - with that cast you could have a baloney sandwich play dorothy.  I am available for re-writes and such .

more talent than i need - kabuki zero
ps hey bagg - you owe me now. i could have said dane cook.


  1. Ah, I see we've found the import button. Well done.

    For the part of Dorothy, might I suggest Zac Efron. Yes I know it's an odd choice, but can you imagine the box office possiblities?

    Your bestie
    Felix in Hollywood

  2. I await the film version of "When Felix Met Kabuki"

    There's a tale to tell THERE, I'm sure.