I fell off the grid and bumped my head re-post (july 2008)

I have been away far too long. My bad. I have been putting a lot of effort into getting a life. Not sure why - but I can't stand the status quo. Kabuki needs cheddar and lots of it, to keep it real. I got needs. And so very few people step up, it could give one social anxiety.

Anyway, couple of things on my mind. One - watched ballroom dance finals. Exquisite, and then it became apparent that it was rigged. The only couple that fucked up won. Won't be watching that again. Caught Miss Universe - didya see the mangoes on Miss Venezuela? Good for her.

I am probably going to attack a home again. Paint, paper, the works. Watched some home improvement shows. Am I the only one aware? What they do, and for god's sake if they show up at your place - DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR! What they do is give you DRAMATIC CHANGE. If you have minimalist stylings with perhaps, a zen garden - they rip the whole thing out and replace with eclectic circus-tent & carnival themes in primary colors. If you have a mish-mosh blending of interesting items - into the bin they go, you end up with brushed aluminum 30's industrial. I don't know why people - I mean victims - don't throw up and then drop dead. Contemplate the months of work necessary to remove the hideous affront the have forced upon you. Plus all your jealous neighbors just laugh their asses off while lying to the camera. "Nice, I am sure Helen will just love a primitive bathroom/kitchenette. That professional stainless stuff she had was for the birds. She had it put in months ago." Thank goodness I am heavily armed. Because miss perky fake-boobs and her annoying gay partner will show up when least expected. You step out the the store - bango - your front yard is now a rococo salute to Klaus Nomi. Why don't these tv personalities go and get real jobs. I guess we just don't need that many waiters.
Oh well - now I have bored myself into a stupor. Remain vigilant - we may yet see land before we succumb to madness. Kabuki zero

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